Originally formed in 2004 the Benoit Martiny Band's roots stem from a garage in the small village of Rameldange in Luxembourg. Here through the years drummer Benoit Martiny and his bandmates developed an original musical style that draws it's identity from the composite backgrounds of the musicians, ranging from jazz & blues to rock, trash, and experimental noise.

During the process of refining its style and finding the definitive line-up, the band released "Jazz goes Garage" in 2005, under a local label. The band released their next effort on Quinto Quarto. The CD, that has been recorded in Brussels, is named simply "Benoit Martiny Band", as the band considers it the most representative introduction to their work. BMB is the 1st prize winner of the Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award, and has been on the road in countries including: France, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Luxembourg, Belgium, China, Japan, and Italy.