Review of Acquaphonica at U-Jazz

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Review From Jazz Photography Holland on Acquaphonica's performance at the U-Jazz Festival last weekend:

Deze band rond pianiste Federica Colangelo was de moeite waard. Zowel qua samenspel als qua solo’s zochten ze de grenzen op en tijdens dit optreden maakten zowel Colangelo als saxofonist Joao Driessen indruk. Driessen die ik onlangs nog zag met Blazin’ Quartet in Belgrado, speelde uitermate energiek en zweepte de band op. Normaliter speelt Colangelo echter met medeoprichter Bittman op zijn plek, maar de honneurs werden dus perfect waargenomen.

Introducing "Acquaphonica"

Delighted to be playing with Acquaphonica. We're celebrating the release of our new CD "Private Enemy" with a concert at the Sugar Factory Tonight.

Blazin' Quartet in China!


Very pleased to announce our upcoming tour of china starting in Changzhen in the second half of October. We have been very fortunate to have been booked for several Jazz Festivals in this month and are preparing something very special for this tour!


Blazin' Quartet: Radio6 24th April 2012

On Friday 24th April, the Blazin' Quartet will reveal Jalkan Bazz on Mijke van Wijk's radio show, "Mijke's Middag". We will be performing pieces from the upcoming album, and doing an interview. The show is broadcast live on Radio6.

If you'd like to support the band, you are welcome to join the audience! come see us on location:

MC Theater - Polonceaukade 5 (westergasfabriekterrein)

Entrance is free, show starts at 16:00.



Sgt. Pork at White Canvas Amsterdam

Seargent Pork will kick off the night at Amsterdam's alternative "White Canvas".

The White Canvas Amsterdam is a festival of Music, Art, and Theatrical performance, featuring acts from Berlin, Hamburg, London and Italy. We have been invited to headline this special event on Saturday March 31st.

Seargent Pork is:

Joao Driessen - EWI/Tenor Saxophone

Tine Grgurevic - Keyboards/Bass

Srdjan Ivanovic - Drums/Electronics